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Domino Platform Admins Please rebuild your compute environments every week to get the latest Code Assist features and fixes. See installation instructions.


Code Assist provides a simple, intuitive point-and-click interface for generating Python or R code. It aims to enable those not familiar with writing code to quickly become productive in Domino Data Lab. For those more familiar with writing code, Code Assist accelerates common data analysis tasks.

Code Assist can generate code for these tasks:

  1. Import data from Cloud stores like S3, Snowflake, BigQuery or Redshift.
  2. Wrangle data with operations like filtering and aggregation.
  3. Create visualizations.
  4. Create and easily deploy data apps.


The benefits of Code Assist can be divided into four categories:

  1. Improved Performance In tests with analysts new to Python (new graduates), Code Assist enhanced productivity by 5-20x.

    Task Novice - Productivity Gain Expert - Productivity Gain
    Make a statistical data visualization 5x faster 1x faster
    Connect to Snowflake and import data 5x faster 2x faster
    Make an app where users can upload their data 10x faster 2x faster
    Publish & share an interactive dashboard 20x faster 3x faster
  2. Portability The code generated by Code Assist is always generic Python or R code, and so it's perfectly portable. It can be productionized or downloaded and run off-platform.

  3. Building Skills Generating Python and R code interactively via Code Assist is a powerful learning tool. It flattens the learning curve and makes complex topics easily accessible.
  4. Tweakability The code produced by Code Assist may not precisely do what's required. However, it's a useful first draft which can then be tweaked to get percisely what's needed.


Below are images showing what Code Assist looks like in Jupyer and RStudio running on Domino Data Lab.