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Create an App

An app is a convenient way to combine a selection of components into a single view. One or more of these components can be combined into an app: visualizations, cross-filters and data tables.

Here's a step-by-step recipe for creating a simple app to examine the penguins data. It assumes that you have already done the following:

  • loaded the penguins data
  • created a scatter plot of body mass versus bill length colored by species and
  • created a cross-filter selector on island.

Hover over the assistant icon icon. Select the App item from the popup menu.

In the app configuration widget you can select which components to include in the app by simply toggling them on and off. Note: You'll only see components which have been defined in the notebook.

When you have selected the required components they'll all be added to the app canvase, but they'll probably not be suitably arranged. We'll fix that next.

Arrange the widgets by dragging and resizing.

When you are happy with the app layout press the RUN button to add the code to the notebook.

Press the PREVIEW APP button to see an interactive preview of the app.

At this point you can interact wit the app but you can't share it with others yet. To do that you'll need to deploy the app.