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Domino Platform Admins Please rebuild your compute environments every week to get the latest Code Assist features and fixes. See installation instructions.

Deploy an App

Deploy Python apps directly from a Jupyter notebook with a single click. Domino Code Assist makes it simple to turn Jupyter notebook analyses into shareable apps, without ever leaving the Jupyter notebook IDE.

Once you've created an app you'll probably want to share it with others. To do this you'll need to deploy the app. There will then be a public URL associated with the app which can be accessed by anybody, even without a Domino account.

Here's a step-by-step recipe for deploying the penguins app. We'll deploy the app which we created previously.

Press the DEPLOY APP button.

Deploying the app takes a short while.

Once the app is deployed there is another short delay before it becomes available.

When the app is deployed and available you can press the VIEW APP button.

VoilĂ ! You can now interact with the deployed app. But now you want to share it? No problem.

Go to App in the Domino menu. You can copy the link to the app and share this.

Go to the Permissions tab to select who is able to view the app. You can choose to allow access to the following:

  • invited users (possibly with the option to request access)
  • anybody with a Domino account or
  • anybody.

Give some careful thought to access permissions!